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The development of the textile and garment industry has been continuously optimized
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In this year's national two sessions, the government work report clearly proposed to speed up the construction of a modern industrial system, continue to carry out industrial chain supplement action, which should speed up the digital transformation of traditional industries and small and medium-sized enterprises, and strive to improve the level of high-end, intelligent and green. Wangjiang County's textile and garment industry development is also changing and upgrading.

The reporter learned from the China (Anqing Wangjiang) modern textile and garment Industry Exhibition on March 23 that Wangjiang County has continuously optimized the development of textile and garment industry through green leadership, and has built a textile and garment industry chain integrating research and development design, ginning, viscosa, white silk, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, and clothing.

Leading, industrial clusters basically formed. With Wangjiang Economic Development Zone as the core and township industrial concentration area as the support, it has basically formed a "1+3+N" industrial platform pattern. With Shenzhou Knitting (Anhui) as the leader, it drives the development of the whole industrial chain of more than 1000 textile and garment enterprises such as Huitong Textile, Shanggeneral Textile, Wenfu Textile, Liangliang Textile, Runhua Textile, Hongyao Textile, Sansheng Clothing, Lixin Printing and Dyeing, forming an industrial cluster integrating R&D and design, embossing, viscoses, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing, washing and packaging. Form a "four from four to four" full category coverage development pattern from head to toe, from inside to outside, from old to young, from summer to spring.

With the guidance of data intelligence, the innovation ability has been comprehensively improved. Through the introduction of a series of policies and measures to enable the high-quality development of the modern textile and garment industry through scientific and technological innovation, promote the implementation of the "Internet +" development model, focus on supporting enterprises to improve their independent research and development capabilities and brand building, accelerate the promotion of industrial technology innovation alliances with universities and research institutes, and continue to implement the "unveiling of the list", Accelerate the promotion of textile and garment enterprises to technology-intensive, high-end science and technology. The county has 2 "specialized specialized new" national small giant enterprises, 1 provincial "specialized specialized new" champion enterprises, and 24 provincial "specialized specialized new" enterprises; 25 national-level enterprises with integrated management system evaluation; 26 industrial design centers, 23 enterprise technology centers; 1 high-level new research and development institution.

Green leads, and industrial development continues to optimize. Through the implementation of the "double carbon" goal, eliminate the "two high and one low" production capacity, build green factories, develop green parks, and create green supply chains, vigorously promote the textile and garment industry to achieve water saving, energy saving and clean production, and vigorously develop circular economy, water recycling utilization rate reached 70%, textile and garment scrap utilization rate reached 100%. Shenzhou Knitting Company was rated as a national green factory, Huafeng home textile series products won the title of national green products.

At present, Wangjiang County has a total of more than 1,000 textile and garment enterprises, more than 2,500 e-commerce subjects, and more than 100,000 industrial employees, and the scale of the textile and garment industry steadily accounts for half of the county's industrial economy. "Do clothes to Wangjiang" "Buy clothes to Wangjiang", become a beautiful business card of Wangjiang.