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The "digital brain" has upgraded the "intelligence" of the textile and garment industry
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This article is from [CCTV network];

CCTV news: In recent years, the traditional textile and garment industry has been transformed and upgraded with the help of intelligent transformation. In the production workshop, a table of automation equipment is busy, the "digital brain" methodically directs all production links, and many intelligent machines begin to replace manual labor.

In the picture, the machine that is moving quickly above the loom is called the flying camera, and the industry also calls it "eagle eye". It can replace the human eye with a high-speed camera, and once the cloth is found to be flawed, it will carry out big data comparison, and lock the target through infrared, and remind the driver to deal with it in time.

Printing and dyeing is an indispensable part of the textile industry, the original printing and dyeing enterprises due to pollution and technology and other reasons, low production efficiency. In this printing and dyeing company reporter saw that the production workshop environment is clean, a row of digital printing machine in accordance with the instructions of the computer system will print different colors on the fabric, the shape is more three-dimensional, the color is brighter.

In the production workshop, the intelligent production hanging transmission system grabs the cuff, collar, front and other "parts" of the garment, and accurately sends them to the workers in front of each post, and the computer at the front of each production line will record the production status of the workers in real time.

In the interview, the reporter observed that intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of digital transformation of the textile industry. It is understood that as of December 2022, the integration of informatization and industrialization in China's textile industry has developed overall